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Electrical and electronics

Designed for performance. Produced to last. WHEN there is no room for compromise - from start to finish


Electrical and electronic sub-systems and systems for defense requirements are critical to performance and zero-fault reliability.

At every stage of the process, IMCO partners with the customer to ensure that the system is:


Tailored to the customer's specifications

Adapted to the application environment

Designed for high quality and low maintenance




WHERE the tri-space battlefield is a reality


IMCO's electrical solutions go into action on land, in the air and on the sea:


Land platforms for: a variety of armored vehicles, main battle tanks (MBT), APCs, IFVs, Self Propelled Guns, engineering, bridging and recovery tanks, unmanned land vehicles and more.


Airborne platforms: Aircraft, Unmanned Airborne Vehicles (UAVs), helicopters.


Naval platforms: various sea vessels, OPVs, corvettes, frigates and submarines.


Airborne, seaborne and land missiles.



HOW IMCO offers unmatched one stop-shop capabilities


Start-to-finish in-house customized design, production and support

Advanced technologies and equipment for complex, challenging harnesses and electrical & electric housings

In-house assembly, integration, harnesses braiding and housing, for delivery of a complete sub-system/system.

Proven one-stop shop: A partner that learns customers' needs, and can deliver an operational solution.



IMCO electrical sub-systems and systems have been incorporated into platforms that have passed the test of combat, time and again.


Imco Industries is IDF Merkava Mk4

contractor for electric cables and harnesses

Imco Industries is IAI Heron TP UAV

contractor for cable harnesses and electromechanical boxes 

Imco Industries is IAI Kfir Aircraft

contractor for joysticks, throttles, cable harnesses and electromechanical boxes