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Experience and Performance

A track record of decades


For four decades, IMCO has been customizing, supplying and supporting a full line of military sub-systems and products for uncompromising defense customers.

Tested performance and extended life cycles are the core of IMCO's reputation.
The Israel Defense Forces (IDF), other modern armed forces, and demanding defense manufacturers have designated IMCO a preferred supplier.

Through flexible partnering in development, mil-spec production and on-schedule deliveries, IMCO has succeeded in building and strengthening long-term relationships.



Imco Industries is Rafael

 Advanced Defense Systems

 “SPIKE” certified contractor


 cable harnesses


Imco Industries is IDF

contractor for


relay and control boxes,

delay relays and



 Imco Industries is IAI Kfir

 Aircraft contractor


 joysticks, throttles,

cable harnesses


 electromechanical boxes