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Areas of Activity

Electrical systems:


• Power, control and a full range of communication harnesses

• Power, control, command, junction and distribution electrical boxes

• Crew Panels : Internal (CIP) and External (CEP)

• Engine Hours Counter

• Quick Operation Box (QOB)

• Driver / Gunner / Commander fans

• Driver and commander control panels

 • Design, production and integration of electrical and mechanical components


Imco Industries is Rafael Advanced Defense Systems “Iron Dome” certified contractor for cable harnesses, and electromechanical boxes


Electromechanical products and systems: 

Pilot joysticks and throttles, tank commander and gunner turret control handles

• Driver and commander control panels

Smoke grenade launchers (SGL)

Fuel sensors


LED lights for tanks and military vehicles: 

Front LED headlamps

Rear LED lamps

Interior LED lamps

IR illumination modules