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Energy (SPDS)


SPDS - Sealed Parcel Delivery Systems


SIGNA-1 is a fuel theft and adulteration prevention system. SIGNA-1 system monitors and records the opening and closing of compartment valves and manholes and communicates that information (as real-time status reports) to a base station via an onboard fleet management system.


The basic concept of SIGNA-1 is to prevent fuel theft and adulteration with minimum cost and with a quick Return on Investment (ROI). 


The system is based on state of the art ATEX approved components and manufactured in an ISO STD approved production line with high level of quality assurance. 


Fleet management system is usually based on an active fleet management system operating in several countries, and well integrated in the SIGNA sealing system, One of the benefits is that it is possible to keep the existing system and operate it primarily or in parallel.        


Fleet management capabilities include full monitoring of the location of the tanker truck as well as the drivers’ behavior. It will also enable the customer/fleet manager to receive on-line alerts regarding deviations of a pre-designated required behavior. The fleet management will also be the channel for alerts regarding the breach of the sealed fuel APIs. 



System components 


·           Fleet management modem and harnesses 

·           Fleet management software – to be incorporated in customers control room computers (control room and PC not included)  

·           Sensors – at the bottom API area, and the API box door 

·           API Covers 

·           Sensor Array – at the upper manhole area  

·           Signa Control Unit  

·           Electrical and communication cables (harnesses) for connecting the sensor's units to the main control unit  

·           Sealing Button