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Technology capabilities

WHERE technology and flexibility are the demand IMCO is the first choice!


IMCO has always been a swift responder to technological challenges.

IMCO offers innovative state-of-the-art solutions.


With an accumulated 17 years of practical experience in LED applications, it is one of the pioneers in LED technology, which develops and manufactures products for automotive and military ground, airborne and naval platforms.


The recent adaptation of LED (Light Emitting Diodes) technology to stringent military prerequisites is attracting the interest of the armed forces and defense industry manufacturers.


LED Lights allow flexible and compact design, easily fitting into the constrained spaces of military vehicles and equipment. The benefits of LED technology are known and proven: low power consumption, superior mechanical and environmental durability and extended life cycle.


LED lights cut maintenance costs and increase safety.


When illumination is essential, IMCO lights the way




• State-of-the-art solid state device – designed for extreme mechanical and environmental durability

• Advanced options: vehicle low battery voltage alert, built-in and remote dimming, back-up batteries,

blackout mode with intelligent microprocessor control and more

• Housing made of machined aircraft grade aluminum alloy

• Less heat dissipation and low power consumption

• Incorporates human engineering inputs from practical field experience

• Easy integration into tight spaces of modern tanks and vehicles


HOW IMCO collaborates with its customers


IMCO is recognized for its customized development skills.


Its R&D teams, most of whom are former army officers, have extensive experience in learning needs and developing appropriate solutions. Continuous feedback from customers is built-in to the solutions.


These in-house research, development and production engineering capabilities, covering design and manufacturing aspects from A to Z, allow IMCO to deliver complete solutions to the most demanding requirements in unprecedented short lead times and at the lowest costs.