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Electrommechanical assemblies

IMCO's electro-mechanical devices have been incorporated into systems that have passed the test of combat, time and again. At every stage of the process, IMCO partners with the customer to ensure that the system is tailored to the specs, adapted to the application environment designed for low MTBF and minimal maintenance


Flexible design of complex electro-mechanical elements

Innovative production technologies

Impeccable quality

Cost-effective processes      




Distribution, Relay and Control Boxes for low voltage electrical and electronic applications, designed for housing of various monitoring and control solutions

Command panels for electrical and electronic applications

• Delay Relays




All capabilities in-house, ensuring precise and rapid customizing, changes and adaptations.

Technological and production mastery of CNC, machining, wiring and assembly while implementing EMI/RFI and a full range of tests for performance under various environmental conditions.

Integrating harnesses and the electrical boxes; a unique expertise that ensures customers receive a complete electrical system, saving time and reducing costs





Imco Industries is IDF NAMER contractor for electromechanical boxes  


Imco Industries is IDF MERKAVA contractor for electromechanical boxes