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Cable Harnesses

Product lines:


•  Power harnesses

•  Umbilical harnesses

•  Range of communication harnesses (including RF)

•  Dynamic harnesses


Benefit: Military Standard as well as special braiding





•  E xtensive experience in harness development and production assures meeting strict schedules at very competitive costs.

•  Customized design, production and technology while meeting the specific standards of each type of harness.

•  Airborne harnesses meet all relevant standards for airborne platforms.


Benefit: Customized solutions that comply with military and international standards.






•  A range of materials for cable harnesses.

•  Braiding with Nomex , Textile and other technologies that address the application.

•  Special harnesses for missile launchers, including umbilical.

•  Potting technology using unique materials, for sealing the harnesses to withstand extreme environmental conditions.


Benefit: IMCO can provide virtually every type of cable harness solution. Advanced and automatic test equipment assures fault-free, long life products.



Imco Industries is IDF contractor for distribution, relay and control boxes, delay relays and headlights

Imco Industries is IAI Kfir Aircraft contractor for joysticks, throttles, cable harnesses and electromechanical boxes


 Imco Industries is Rafael Advanced Defense Systems “SPIKE-NLOS” certified contractor for cable harnesses