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IMCO Industries has announced a new family of ECE Approved Front and Rear Lamps for tanks, armored personnel carriers and infantry fighting vehicles

Tel-Hanan, Israel, November 30, 2015 – Imco Industries, Ltd., (TA SE: IMCO) a global provider of electrical harnesses, control boxes, electromechanical devices and LED Lights for military applications, announced today its new family of ECE Approved Exterior Front and Rear Lamps for tanks, armored personnel carriers (APC) and Infantry Fighting Vehicles (IFV).


Imco breaks new ground as the industry’s superior designer and manufacturer of LED lights for harsh environment applications. Its flexible and compact design allows easy fitting into the constrained spaces of military vehicles and equipment. Outstanding design and engineering skills in combination with stringent quality control make Imco Industries a leading force in the LED Lighting market for military combat vehicles. Four decades of technological excellence result in ability to provide cost-effective and reliable solutions for defense programs.


“The new front and real LED Lamps have been developed for a European Army and requested ECE (UN Economic Commission for Europe) Approval, among other tough requirements. Our LED Lights are the first in line in performance, survivability, and robustness” said Boaz Weiss, IMCO’s VP Marketing & Business Development. “The from LED Lamp for example consumes only 19W for the high-beam, 24.5W for the low-beam, 1.3W for the Position Light and 13.8W for the Turn Light”


“Imco has a well-established success record of providing LED lights for Armored Vehicles” commented Mr. Weiss, “which are used currently worldwide by the Israel Defense Forces (NAMER APC) and other modern armed forces, as well as leading defense manufacturers both for tracked and wheeled vehicles. We were awarded several prestigious programs and we continue with our efforts to develop smaller, lighter and more powerful LED Lamps for military applications”



About Imco:

Imco Industries Ltd. (TASE: IMCO) is a leading provider of military control and electrical systems for combat and armored vehicles, military aircraft and helicopters, missiles, naval, and UAVs. Founded in 1974, Imco has extensive experience in design, manufacturing and delivering of harnesses, control boxes, control panels, LED lighting for armored vehicles, smoke grenade launchers, and special electromechanical devices. Imco’s ability to tailor cutting-edge technology and innovative design to specific project requirements enables it to effectively respond totoday’s most challenging demands. The company and its subsidiary in USA, Advanced Defense Technology Inc are approved vendors of the US Army, US Air force, IDF and other modern armies.


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